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You Know It’s Hot When: An Ode to Real Life Experiences in Botswana

Ten ways you KNOW it’s hot.  All based on real life experiences in Botswana last week’s heat wave when temperatures hi the high 40’s.  

10. You buy butter at the store and by the time you walk home you have to pour it out.

9. You are showering and you honestly can’t tell if the moisture running down your face is water or sweat. 

8. You could fry eggs on the inside of the walls of your house.

7. You burn your back on the metal bed frame that is inside your room and not in direct sunlight.

6. You can make tea with tap water.  No need to boil.

5. You burn your feet through your shoes when you go running on the paved road during the day.

4. You have to keep everything from lotion to chocolate in the fridge lest it be reduced to a puddle.

3. You hygienic practices are grossly insignificant.  “What is that smell?”  Everyone.

2. You are praying for the temperature to drop 10 degrees to 35 so you can cool down!

And the number one way you KNOW it’s hot:

1. You find shop keepers sleeping in refrigerators … and you’re jealous! 



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