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Where I Actually Went

I’ve noticed there’s a contrast – a stark difference if you will – between where I thought I was going and where I actually went. 

Here, let me show you. Because somehow it doesn’t seem to stick until we see it with our eyes.  At least that’s how it was for me when I looked back at this. 

This, the first map I ever drew. 

I drew it for my mom because I was just going to too many places and it was too confusing.

I made it nice and neat and organized.  Plain and simple. 
Just the way I like it.  The way we all sometimes like it. 


But after the first few months I had to tell her to discard it because I knew it was all about to change. 

And now I look back at that “plan” that I had and I just shake my head.
And I have to grin a little, because I know the reality.  I was there. 
And where I actually went looked more like this: 

Where I ACTUALLY went

Instead I got this. 

A hodgepodge of confusing lines and changed plans.
A mess if you will. 

Not plain and simple. 
Not the way I planned

Originally, I was going to Uganda once.  As you can see I went there a total of seven times.
Kenya was only going to be once.  Turned out I went at last 4 times.
Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania, again all once but in actuality I went twice to each.
South Sudan, South Africa and Germany I never planned on at all but I found myself there.
Mauritius, Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique I was supped to go to but never did. 

And that’s just the countries. 

If you could hear all the travel stories and changed plans and … and … and … 

The ONLY thing that went according to the original plan was doing Watoto 360 in Uganda when I started in January 2014.  

From that moment… not ONE, SINGLE thing that I had planned happened in the way or time that I had originally planned it

And I realized that I shouldn’t have expected anything different.
And again I have to laugh because I asked for this. 

From the beginning I knew this was about getting rid of my agenda … funny that I bothered to even make one at all!

And over and over again He proved that His way really IS higher than my way.
And when I look over his much more hectic and seemingly random plan … 

I wouldn’t have it any other way.
And if I had to do it again,
I wouldn’t do it any other way. 

You could say I actually prefer the madness because in it is the method. 

The method of life lessons and learning to trust.
The method of breaking my will until I pick up His instead.

And it makes me wonder.

So, now that I’m home.
And I have this picture of what needs to come next and where can I look to find a job and… and … and… 

Plans .. plans… plans… 

Am I going to again forge ahead my own way and then look back and laugh when God does it completely different?

I can’t fight this feeling that it might be that way again.
And I’ll be able to make two new charts: 
Where I Thought I Would Go
Where I Actually Went. 


  1. And after all that… No Nigeria. No West Africa.
    Next time! 🙂

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