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“The Canadians will pray.”

“Who is this that even the wind and the sea obey Him?” Mark 4:41

The Gospel of John records Jesus telling His disciples that they will also do the works that He does. (John 14:12) So if Jesus is able to calm a storm, shouldn’t His disciples be able to calm a storm as well?

On our first Project Serve trip to Irapuato, Mexico, we were in a school yard, about to do a gospel presentation to around 200 children and youth. The wind suddenly whipped up and kicked dirt into our eyes and storms clouds began to threaten with the beginning of large wet drops. While our Mexican partners began their presentation, I gathered the Canadian team into a circle off to the side and we started to pray against the storm, the way that Jesus did in Mark. Immediately the wind died down. The storm clouds, however, did not dissipate, but neither did they affect the playground that we were using for the presentation. We watched as the the clouds circled the yard and when we were finished, we walked back to the church through the puddles that the rain clouds dropped everywhere but where we had stood.

Two days later, we repeated this same process during another outreach in the plaza of the city. The next year, we had to do it again. Twice. The following year, our Mexican partners had planned a major outreach. They had rented lights and sound equipment and were going to put on a significant production in the plaza. It was huge. All week the weather had been beautiful with blue skies and pleasant breezes, but the day of the performance we awoke to overcast skies. As the evening approached the skies grew darker as truckloads of equipment were being assembled in the main square and the sound check was being conducted. Off in the distance was a flash of lightening and then another, only closer this time. We could begin to feel the spit of the impending storm as the wind began to kick up the dust, just like in the first year. The sound technician hauled out a tarp to cover the rented equipment because we all knew it was coming. That was when Dani, our YFC Mexico partner asked the sound technician what he was doing? The tech pointed to the sky and said he had no choice. Dani looked him in the eye and said, “Don’t worry… the Canadians are going to pray.” He turned to me and told me to gather the team. As we prayed during the performance, I watched lightening (without the disruption of thunder) flash continuously as the clouds made a 360 degree loop around the plaza. No wind, no rain, no disruption to the performance or to the invitation to receive Christ. So many families came forward that day, and then walked home through puddles left by the storm on the outskirts of the plaza.

Jesus, you are there when the storms of life overwhelm us. Let us have the faith to know when to pray, how to pray and the courage to pray so that we may also do the things that we have seen you do.

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