We see the hope and potential in every young person


So this past month has been much of the same: kids, youth and more kids.  And I love it.


It is so amazing to watch God work in the hearts of His children.


Take for instance Karina.  Karina is a young girl, about ten years old, who I met and befriended when I arrived here in Mexico.   She’s tough and sarcastic on the outside but has a heart of gold on the inside. About three months ago she started coming to Sunday school and the Kids’ Class we have on Saturday mornings.   At the end of the service yesterday, which was all about family and Mommy’s and Daddy’s and the role that they are meant to play in our lives, Karina broke down and wept.  We simply loved her and prayed with her and I could see Jesus healing and restoring a broken little heart back to the heart of the Father, her only true Daddy.



It’s incredible to watch how love changes people.  I love seeing hard hearts begin to soften simply because of the love of Jesus.  I get to love them in a supernatural way, with the same love that compelled Jesus to leave paradise to die for you and me and every person we meet every single day.



Love changes everything.  Love destroys hell.  It is our greatest weapon against the devil.  Jesus is made of it.  And when we simply die to ourselves and put on Christ, we become love.  Its’ not about praying for more love it’s about “putting on the new self, created after the likeness of God.” Ephesians 4:24.  And we know what God is like because we know how Jesus lived. He did everything and only what He saw His Father doing.  God compels us by love to destroy hell for a living.


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