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If The Whole World Was Blind


I went for a run this morning, like I do most mornings.

Trying to run away my frustrations, worries, cares, and of course all of that Ugandan starch!


And as I ran my mind was spinning like a top.

Jumping and bouncing from one thought to the next much like the boda boda’s around me dodging potholes.  Trying just to stay upright and still beat the traffic.


But I kept coming back to this one thought.

What if?


What if the whole world were blind?


Wouldn’t most of my frustrations be eliminated?


You see our eyes are powerful.  With them we see.

They are the transmitters of what is going on around us to our minds.

And our minds will judge based on that information whether accurate or skewed.


But what if the whole world were blind?


There would be no difference in colour, shape or size.

You would not look at my skin and see money or a golden opportunity.

You would not look at my body and wish for it to be different, or look at my body and not see me.

Confidence based on appearance is stripped away, or rather not needed.

You would not treat me any differently.


If the whole world were blind.


There would be less shallow judgement.

You would not rely on my body language to assume the motives behind my actions.

You would not simply look at me and decide if I am worth your time or attention.

Assumptions are stripped away because you are forced to communicate to understand.

You would not treat me any differently.


If the whole world were blind.


There would be no choice but to see with our hearts.

You would be my friend for no other reason than the fact that you like me.

The real me, because you know me.

You would connect with my personality, not my pre-tense.

You might actually love ME, and I you.


If only the whole world were blind.


I continued to forge forward.  Feet pounding on the red dirt.

Frustrated by the lack of control I seemed to have over my feelings.

Secretly wishing I could actually make the whole world blind.

Angry almost at the fact that this would continue to be my reality.  Our reality.


And in that moment I wanted to rip out my own eyes so that I too could lay aside those same judgements and assumptions.


If only we were all blind.


Yes, that would be a good idea.


But then I remember the man in the taxi last night who probably could see that I was not coping well with life and as he exited the taxi, he looked at me and said “I’ve already paid the conductor, so please don’t worry about it.”


He wasn’t blind.


Or the colleague who took a taxi all the way to my home with me so I wouldn’t get lost or taken advantage of, and then paid for it.


He wasn’t blind.


Or that one friend who IS honest with me, and knows ME, and calls me in the middle of the day just to see if I am doing ok.


And she is not blind either.


Or that beautiful, elderly woman who did not say a word to me but offered me the warmest smile I have ever seen.


She was not blind.

None of them were blind.


Or were they?  Selectively perhaps.  Refusing to be blinded by the bright facade that accompanies each of us in our physical state, but rather allowing their eyes to be opened wider, to see better, to see more.


While there is so much we miss because we can see, there is so much we would miss if we could not.


And while our eyes are one of our greatest blessings, they can become our biggest curse.


Do I know how to rectify this?

I really wish I did.


But perhaps it starts with trying to see with our hearts.

To sometimes take a moment to close our eyes and get our minds back on track.


Close our eyes.  Stop.  Stand still.  Turn off the boda boda.

Stop the spinning top.


Begin to really see, not with our eyes, but through them.

Open our eyes even wider to see deeper, while closing them to the shallowness of the surface.

Begin to see with our hearts.


The way we would if only.


If only the whole world was blind.



  1. Beautiful!!! i love how this comes from a beautiful and vulnerable place in your heart!! xoxo

    • I wish you could have been on that run with me. haha you may have had a hard time seeing the beauty in it 🙂

      love you!

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