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I Don’t Want Your Leftovers – 30 Days With Jesus (day13)

I Don’t Want Your Leftovers
DAY THIRTEEN – Monday, June 29, 2015

“I will not offer a sacrifice that has cost me nothing.”
2 Samuel 24:24


That means it must cost me something.
And I have to think back and try to remember a time when I truly sacrificed something.
A time that I gave up something and it really cost me!
And I am not sure I can think of one.

Sure I’ve sacrificed things.  My time, my resources, my physical belongings.
But did it really cost me?
Or was I simply giving my leftovers.

Yeah.  You heard me.  Left-overs.

When was the last time I gave a way an article of clothing that I actually still LOVED and still fit me perfectly?
When was the last time I gave all the money in my wallet instead of just giving what I don’t need.
When was the last time I gave someone 100% of my time regardless of my schedule instead of focusing on my own convenience and comfort?


Seriously, I am sickened that nothing comes to mind.

And yet how many times do I feel like I’ve really sacrificed.
And yet I have not given everything.
And I realized that God requires the same of me – with every right to.

He literally gave up EVERYTHING.
He was the ultimate sacrifice because it cost Him EVERYTHING!

He always gives the first fruits of himself – and He expects the same from us.

How often to I give God my leftovers? 

My leftover time?
My leftover resources?
My leftover attention?
My leftover energy and comittment?

When He demands the first fruits.

The best.
The VERY best.
Ahead of everything else.

It is priority.
It is costly.
It is everything.

So I must learn.
I must change the way I think.
The way I give.

Will I refuse to offer a sacrifice that costs me nothing?
Or will I continue to give my leftovers?



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