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Are You Dead Yet?

Dead people just don’t care.  But, funerals would be super weird if the person who the funeral was for wasn’t really dead.  They would be thinking, this is so awkward, everybody walking by staring at me, crying, and my face is so pale.  I’m getting out of here! But you can’t hurt dead people.  You… Read More


Here’s a little about my trip to Thailand and what God has been doing in my heart these past months. The first week was a conference with some 500 people,  all of whom are involved with Youth for Christ in some way or another. It was a refreshing and encouraging time for me.  I got… Read More


These last several weeks have been a wild ride.  Traveling across Mexico from Irapuato to Juarez then to Monterrey, I have seen the big cities, the wide open country and the sparsely populated mountains in which reside the Taroumaury natives.  We spent several nights on the road sleeping in the van, under a tarp or… Read More

My Family Story

A little while ago, Pastor Braulio asked me to share about my family history.  I had heard my family’s stories many times growing up but just to make sure I had things straight, I spoke with my dad and found a new appreciation for the family heritage that I am blessed to be a part… Read More

El Rancho

This past week I had the privilege of spending a couple of days at a rehab centre.  Fourteen years ago my director/co-worker, spent time there as an intern.  It’s the place where He accepted Christ and found freedom from a lifetime of drugs, alcohol and the numerous prison stays.  This time he was back as… Read More


So this past month has been much of the same: kids, youth and more kids.  And I love it.   It is so amazing to watch God work in the hearts of His children.   Take for instance Karina.  Karina is a young girl, about ten years old, who I met and befriended when I… Read More

Ends Of The Earth

This past month I had the privilege of going on a short term mission trip to a remote village tucked away high in the mountains. A team of about 35 Mexican youth and leaders joined by 14 sun-starved Canadians made the overnight 12 hour bus ride to reach our far away destination. The village is… Read More

Just Do It

Last Wednesday we were not able to use the church building for youth group. Our leaders decided we should go share the gospel with the people at the local hospital.  A group of approximately 20 of us showed up, not really sure what we were going to do, but knowing we wanted to share God’s… Read More

Here I Am

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put into words all of the emotions that I feel and what’s going on in my head, and so I’ll just be honest.  The last three weeks have been kind of a roller coaster for me. There have been some awesome moments and in those, I… Read More

Who am I?

So there are times when I ask God who I am.  I feel so unworthy, so marred and stained that I can’t seem to figure out what the God of heaven sees in me,  this God who reigns in total perfection, who spoke the universe into existence and holds all of creation in his hands. … Read More