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Be Still

Be Still
(Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still”)

In the midst of the chaos
we all know this place.
the cars and the noise
bright lights, big city, an unfamiliar face
completely alone but surrounded by many
and we reach and we run back and forth cuz it’s fun
but we reach without grasping
and we run out of breath
we’re chasing the sun
and we know
oh how well we know that it can’t be attained
but stop they will not
and we do the same
we refuse to slow down
or be still 

In the midst of the chaos
we all know this place
where we can’t seem to feel the arms of grace.
free grace, sure it is
but we don’t feel free
we’re still holding those chains, whatever they be
and we fight and we pull and we beat at the ground
it’s as if we’ve forgotten we’re no longer bound
our chains, they drag, they are weighing us down
and it’s here that I’ve found
I must learn
to be still 

In the midst of the chaos
you, yeah you.
I know you know this place
looking up from the bottom you brace
for the climb of your life
cuz there’s no way around and you cant go back down
you’re as low as it gets and there’s just one way out
“too hard,
too impossible” the voices shout
“you can’t possibly make it”
but you vow you will fight
taking off at a sprint you’re exhausting yourself
hours of climbing, sweat stinging your eyes
you turn and look down because surely you’re close
then you feast your eyes on this unpleasant surprise

you’ve barely begun

and the only thing close is the place where you started
you collapse in a heap of angry defeat
broken and downcast, unable to speak
you are too shook
to be still

So when the lights shine too bright
and the road is too rough
when the screaming inside can’t be calmed to a hush
when there’s only a mountain with no end in sight
the people will tell you perhaps you should quit
or go fight for yourself cuz their help you won’t get
you are strong
you are brave
just fix it yourself

but you know that you can’t, deep down inside
you can’t shake those chains no matter the want
and you can’t shake the judgement, the failure, they haunt
when you’re sick of just trying without the results
when you’re tired of the fighting and hurling insults
they will tell you keep going
but you’ve gone for too long
there is just one more option, one thing left to do
You must simply be still.
He is fighting for you.



When you think you are going home but then your flight is grounded and you have to spend a day in Iceland


Unexpected but BEAUTIFUL!


When you arrive at the airport after TWO YEARS to THIS!


And they bring you bacon and starbucks and balloons …




And you get to squeeze this little guy!!




And your mom brings you flowers


And you are surrounded by people who care about you ..


And the cutest boy in the whole world shows up in UNIFORM <3


And then they GIFT you a car to help you get back on your feet …


And the presents from Africa are all packaged with care …


And for the first time in a LONG time you sit down to CHRISTMAS dinner with family …



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