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South Africans, Waterfalls and Loving Lessons

5 ½ weeks and I am back in Canada, and only 3 ½ weeks until my parents come and I am done my work with YFC. Yikes!! That is only 3 weekends, and that means I need to start planning what I want to do in them because I don’t have enough time to do… Read More

This is for God’s glory.

In these past few weeks God has been teaching me the importance of just being with Him, leaning up against Him and listening to what He is trying to tell me. I was getting caught up in doing ‘good’ and I wasn’t taking the time to reflect on what God has done, is doing and… Read More

If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

I am now past the 3 week mark of being in Botswana, and tomorrow, I will have been here for 1 month.  A quarter of my time here is up.  As I think about this, I start to panic a bit.  In a way, I feel like I have been here for forever, and then… Read More

“Teachah Teachah”

Since arriving in Botswana, I have met many new and awesome people, have experienced a new culture, and have played with lots and lots of children. It is all going very well and I am enjoying it… until I am given too much time to think. This generally happens at night when I am tired… Read More