• Here I Am

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put into words all of the emotions that I feel and what’s going on in my … More

    Here I Am
  • Benin Africa Mission Opportunity

    Benin is located in French speaking West Africa, and Juenesse pour Christ is very active in this tiny country. Medical … More

    Benin Africa Mission Opportunity
  • Hot Dirt, Fried Taquitos and Culture Shock

    Arriving in Mexico, I stepped off the plane… to my left, a mountain range; to my right, another mountain range and the … More

    Hot Dirt, Fried Taquitos and Culture Shock
  • Botswana 2014

    The summer of 2014 will see a team of 21 students and leaders heading to Botswana to serve with the ministry of Youth … More

    Botswana 2014
  • Africa Summer 2014

    Project Serve will be going to the Southern Region of Africa in July of 2014. Click here to find out more. … More

    Africa Summer 2014
  • March Break 2014

    Follow the team on Facebook. Search for the SWO Project Serve page. Project Serve has been going to Irapuato for the … More

    March Break 2014
  • Hope And Potential

    Hope and Potential. That’s what we see when we look at a young person. They may be bright and smiling, they may be dark … More

    Hope And Potential

We see the hope and potential in every young person

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The Women in the Window

Red.   Not so noticeable in the daylight – but there all the same.   It was a beautiful day in Amsterdam, Holland, and being unseasonably warm made it especially nice for exploring the city on foot.   Amsterdam is beautiful. Full of history, cobblestone and of course water, bikes and cheese. There are boat […]

If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

I am now past the 3 week mark of being in Botswana, and tomorrow, I will have been here for 1 month.  A quarter of my time here is up.  As I think about this, I start to panic a bit.  In a way, I feel like I have been here for forever, and then […]

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