• Botswana Review

    A team of 21 students and leaders worked through sun, cold, sickness to accomplish more than they ever thought

    Botswana Review
  • Namibia 2015

    Namibia 2015 Join Project Serve in Namibia from July 9-25 We will be serving Youth for Christ Namibia as they

    Namibia 2015
  • March Break 2015

        The Application Process Fill out the online application form before October 15, 2014. A link is

    March Break 2015
  • Yeah, I’m A Hypocrite

      “Lord, sometimes it’d be real easy to get bitter because we get up every day & people let us

    Yeah, I’m A Hypocrite
  • Craziness

    These last several weeks have been a wild ride.  Traveling across Mexico from Irapuato to Juarez then to Monterrey,

  • March Break 2014 Review

    The team is home after serving JPC (Youth for Christ) Guanajuato Mexico with love and passion. Our team of 12

    March Break 2014 Review
  • Benin Africa Mission Opportunity

    Benin is located in French speaking West Africa, and Juenesse pour Christ is very active in this tiny

    Benin Africa Mission Opportunity
  • Afro-Dash Fun Run

    Welcome to the AFRO-DASH Home Page   Afro-Dash is a fun-run (complete with obstacles) fundraiser for the

    Afro-Dash Fun Run

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Everyday Miracles

When was the last time you witnessed a miracle? What even is a miracle? I haven’t seen any water being turned into wine recently, or ever for that matter. There has been no multiplication of food, sadly, or dead people being raised to life in my neighborhood, or lepers being healed.   But Jesus said […]

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

“Hey, Julius. I think it is going to be a child…”   It was afternoon and the African sun was hot on my shoulders as we made our way down the busy street.   Just an hour earlier my small group of 4 had been standing in a circle in our classroom praying for direction […]

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