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You Know It’s Hot When: An Ode to Real Life Experiences in Botswana

Ten ways you KNOW it’s hot.  All based on real life experiences in Botswana last week’s heat wave when temperatures hi the high 40’s.   10. You buy butter at the store and by the time you walk home you have to pour it out. 9. You are showering and you honestly can’t tell if… Read More


I Don’t Deserve This – 30 Days With Jesus (day11)

I Don’t Deserve This DAY ELEVEN:  Saturday, June 27, 2015 “I don’t deserve this!”  How often have you heard this? And lets be honest – how often have you said this? I’ll be honest – I often find myself thinking this, if not saying it out loud. Because some things I just don’t deserve. To… Read More

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