• March Break 2014 Review

    The team is home after serving JPC (Youth for Christ) Guanajuato Mexico with love and passion. Our team of 12

    March Break 2014 Review
  • The Sun is Always Shining

    “This next rapid is a grade 4.5 rapid. I'll yell 'hard forward! Hard forward! GET DOWN!' When I do that you take a

    The Sun is Always Shining
  • Here I Am

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put into words all of the emotions that I feel and what’s going on in

    Here I Am
  • Benin Africa Mission Opportunity

    Benin is located in French speaking West Africa, and Juenesse pour Christ is very active in this tiny

    Benin Africa Mission Opportunity
  • Botswana 2014

    The summer of 2014 will see a team of 21 students and leaders heading to Botswana to serve with the ministry of

    Botswana 2014
  • Afro-Dash Fun Run

    Welcome to the AFRO-DASH Home Page   Afro-Dash is a fun-run (complete with obstacles) fundraiser for the

    Afro-Dash Fun Run
  • Hope And Potential

    Hope and Potential. That’s what we see when we look at a young person. They may be bright and smiling, they may be

    Hope And Potential

We see the hope and potential in every young person

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The Best Moments

I knew I needed to finish it, but I just didn’t know if I had the courage.   God has been laying so many things on my heart that I feel I need to share with particular people. And it’s scary.   And as I was writing it today I was expressing to a friend […]


Beautiful Africa

Red dirt and blue skies. There really is nothing like it, at least not that I’ve found. Uganda is breathtaking. Copper coloured roofs speckled against lush, green hills. Today we traveled to Suubi. Suubi is literally a city on a hill. It is one of the Watoto villages where “the least of these” are saved […]

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