• Botswana Review

    A team of 21 students and leaders worked through sun, cold, sickness to accomplish more than they ever thought

    Botswana Review
  • Yeah, I’m A Hypocrite

      “Lord, sometimes it’d be real easy to get bitter because we get up every day & people let us

    Yeah, I’m A Hypocrite
  • Craziness

    These last several weeks have been a wild ride.  Traveling across Mexico from Irapuato to Juarez then to Monterrey,

  • March Break 2014 Review

    The team is home after serving JPC (Youth for Christ) Guanajuato Mexico with love and passion. Our team of 12

    March Break 2014 Review
  • Benin Africa Mission Opportunity

    Benin is located in French speaking West Africa, and Juenesse pour Christ is very active in this tiny

    Benin Africa Mission Opportunity
  • Afro-Dash Fun Run

    Welcome to the AFRO-DASH Home Page   Afro-Dash is a fun-run (complete with obstacles) fundraiser for the

    Afro-Dash Fun Run
  • Hope And Potential

    Hope and Potential. That’s what we see when we look at a young person. They may be bright and smiling, they may be

    Hope And Potential

We see the hope and potential in every young person

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My Family Story

A little while ago, Pastor Braulio asked me to share about my family history.  I had heard my family’s stories many times growing up but just to make sure I had things straight, I spoke with my dad and found a new appreciation for the family heritage that I am blessed to be a part […]

Day Care

“Teachah Teachah”

Since arriving in Botswana, I have met many new and awesome people, have experienced a new culture, and have played with lots and lots of children. It is all going very well and I am enjoying it… until I am given too much time to think. This generally happens at night when I am tired […]

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